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Book maintenance

Book a service inspection for your drysuit using the calendar and filling in the form below. We ask that no suits are being sent without a service booking. Please note, that the suit should arrive at Ursuit no later than one working day before the service inspection is scheduled to take place. After filling in the booking information, send the suit together with printed booking form or booking number to the address:


Teijonkatu 3

20750 TURKU



By carefully filling in detailed information, you can speed up the service of your suit. Please note that booked the time slot is not yet the point when actual repair actions are started, it is the time slot for a visual inspection and a leak test, which will tell us what service is needed. The service will take 5 – 20 working days after the inspection, depending on the scope of the service. The serviced suit will be sent to you using the delivery method of your choice, and payment will be collected before shipment.

For companies: Please add possible invoicing and order/reference information to your booking.

Ursuit Service will spend the summer holidays of 2024 as follows:

Weeks 29-31 (15.07.2024 - 04.08.2024) closed

Week 32 (05.08.2024 - 11.08.2024) 50% of the staff is on holiday

Please keep this in mind when thinking about when to service your suit.