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Ursuit Oy is a Finnish company established in 1964.

Our production units are located in Turku, Finland and Valga, Estonia.
Ursuit Oy is part of the Sioen Industries Group.

We manufacture Ursuit® drysuits for all kinds of water activities, both under and above the surface. Main product groups are diving, rescue and recreational drysuits. The Ursuit drysuit range consists of over 15 standard surface drysuit models and over 10 standard diving drysuit models in many colours for both men and women. In addition to the drysuits, we also manufacture shell clothing and drybags. Ursuit has been THE choice for professionals like firebrigaders, rescue teams, military forces etc. as well as passionate fishermen, sailors and other diverse watersport enthusiasts that trust our drysuits for the most challenging conditions.


All of the Ursuit drysuits are handmade and therefore they can easily be modified according to customer needs and wishes. A standard model can easily be customized with different kinds of pockets, MOLLE-system, relief zippers etc.
The drysuits can directly be produced according to the user´s measurements, even in big quantities. We have produced made-to-measure drysuits with individual customizations for fire departments, coast guards, police and military forces, maritime crews and several other professional instances.

Our production is carefully controlled and audited annually by a Notified Body according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SOLAS/MED and EASA/ETSO requirements. These quality assurances make it possible that the user can concentrate on the most essential, the activity.

All Ursuit® drysuits are CE-approved according to the PPE Regulation (EU)425/2016. Most of the drysuits have additional approvals related to their specific field of use, for example EN ISO 15027-1, MED/SOLAS and EN 14225-2. Please see product details for additional information.


The Ursuit story began in 1964 in Turku, Finland from a modest little dive shop downtown that displayed the finest diving equipment of the time, including neoprene wetsuits, of course. The back room of the shop served as a factory in which the suits were hand cut for each customer individually.

The 1970s saw a continuation of the era dominated by neoprene. The 3-mm suits were an absolute hit among Finnish water sports enthusiasts. One of the company's great prides was its line of modern windsurfing suits.

With time, and growing success, a more durable suit material, double lined neoprene, was added to the already impressive selection. With the confidence gained from past successes, Ursuit also signed its first export deal with the Swedish company Watski.

Soon the company had grown so much that it was forced to move to new premises, which became its headquarters for the next 35 years.

In the 1980s, product development continued, and the company's range came to include the 6h SOLAS immersion suits. The next decade, in turn, saw the focus shift to more breathable and comfortable dry materials. The new millennium brought with it Heavy Light, the first Ursuit diving drysuit, as well as a new patented innovation, a two-piece drysuit, Ursuit Gemino.

Ursuit's current HQ premises in the Lauste district of Turku were completed in 2008. The impressive facility covers an area of 2,500 m2 and employs over 70 skilled professionals. In 2014 the company expanded to Estonia by acquiring SG Balticum AS, a company specialized in the production of sports-, outdoor-, and hunting clothing.

Ursuit and it´s subsidiaries were aquired by Sioen Industries (Belgium) in 2017.

In october 2018 the company name was changed from Ursuk Oy to Ursuit Oy. The name of SG Balticum AS was simultaneusly changed to Ursuit Baltics AS.

The years have passed, but our original vision from 1964 still remains the same: We manufacture absolute safety combined with first-rate comfort for all conditions.