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Immersion suit fabrics

Ursuit® immersion suits are made of breathable and waterproof fabrics. These fabrics are designed to keep the water out and still allow air and water vapour to pass through. The user will stay dry and comfortable, because body sweat and moisture will vaporize out through the fabric. The function of the fabric is based on the microporous membrane, which prevents the larger water molecules to pass through in, while letting the smaller vapour molecules to escape.

The waterproofness of all Ursuit® immersion suits and fabrics are on a very high level, but you can find the difference in lightness, breathability and durability. Values of these terms are rated below. Typically a lighter fabric means better breathability. The high breathability value means that the user will feel more comfortable because sweat will not remain trapped inside of the garment. For professional and heavy use we recommend to choose heavier and more durable fabrics.

To ensure complete waterproofness of Ursuit® immersion suits, all seams are taped and the zippers and seals are waterproof.

Gore-Tex® is registered trademark of W. L. Gore & Associates


Material: 100 % Polyamide
Membrane: Gore-Tex® ePTFE

Suits: SeaHorse, SeaHorse SAR, RDS, RDS WE

Gore-Tex® (light)

Material: 100 % Polyamide
Membrane: Gore-Tex® ePTFE
Suits: MPS, Gemino Venture

Gore-Tex® Nomex

Material: 95 % m-Aramid, 5 % p-Aramid
Membrane: Gore-Tex® ePTFE
Suits: RDS ETSO, Over water flight suit


Material: 100 % Cordura® polyamide
Membrane: PU
Suits: AWS, Easy, Gemino Operative, Gemino Active, SeaHorse Comfort

Diving suit fabrics

Ursuit® diving suits are manufactured of several different waterproof fabrics. The breathable and waterproof 4-tex Dive and Kevlar fabrics are similar to the fabrics used in immersion suits. Softdura, Cordura® and HL trilaminate are three-layer fabrics, with a waterproof butyl rubber membrane laminated in the middle of the outer layers. Pursuit diving suit is manufactured of a thermoplastic polyurethane coated polyamide knit.

As with immersion suits, the diving suit fabrics are also rated in terms of lightness, breathability and durability. Depending on the end use and user preferences, the most suitable fabric can be chosen for a diving suit.


Material: 100 % Cordura® polyester
Laminate: butyl rubber
Suits: Cordura, RedQ


Material: 100 % polyester
Laminate: butyl rubber
Suits: Softdura, ONE Endurance

HL trilaminate

Material: 100 % polyamide
Laminate: butyl rubber
Suits: Heavy Light, Rescue, ONE Performance


Material: 20 % Kevlar® and 80 % polyester
Membrane: Dermizax PU
Suits: BDS Kevlar

4-tex Dive

Material: 100 % Cordura® polyamide
Membrane: PU
Suits: Ursuit Lite


Material: Polyurethane coated 100 % polyamide
Suits: Pursuit