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Ursuit® drysuit components


We offer two watertight zipper options for our drysuits: the plastic Aquaseal or the metallic BDM zipper. Both are manufactured by YKK, which is the largest zipper supplier in the world. For heavy professional use and especially for back zipper suits we recommend the more rigid metallic version. For lighter recreational use the more flexible Aquaseal is the optimal choice.


Ursuit hoods are manufactured of high quality 5 mm neoprene. Either an attached hood or a separate hood can be chosen with a diving suit. The attached hood has better thermal comfort, while the separate hood is often seen as more convenient in every day use. As a special order we also supply modified hoods, such as varied neoprene thicknesses and hoods with zippers.


We manufacture diving suits with three optional footwear types. The partially latex coated 4 mm neoprene boots provide comfortable warmth and reduce the need of additional insulation on the feet, while the integrated heel strap retainers keep the fins in place during diving. The lightweight and flexible neoprene sock is made of 4 mm compressed neoprene, and are recommended to be used together with separate boots (such as Tactical Trek Boots). The Tech Dry Boot combines features from boots and socks, resulting to a flexible and comfortable boot without need for separate boots for walking due to the rubber sole.


The neck and wrist seals come in three different material versions: latex, neoprene and silicone. Latex is an easy material in terms of every day use and glueing, but it feels cold and is recommended to be used with a neoprene warm neck collar. You can choose the latex seals either as bottle neck shaped or cone shaped, as you like. The cone shaped version must be cut to best fit your measurements. Latex neck seals are also available as a non-allergic version. Wrist seals can be supplied as a more durable high density version.

Neoprene seals are the warmest option, but the durability is not as good as with latex or silicone seals. The neoprene neck seal comes in two length versions, we recommend the longer for diving suits, and the shorter for example surface rescue suits.

Silicone has the most comfortable feel, and it is not allergic. Silicone can not be directly glued into the suit, so it must be used with a neck or wrist ring.

All of SiTech's neck and wrist ring versions are available: Quick Neck, QCS Oval, Quick Cuff and Antares.


We supply our suits with both SiTech and Apeks quality valves. You can choose the valve model and nipple type based on your wishes.


As a special order the suit can be equipped with a relief zipper (plastic or metallic) or a pee valve (Agir or Ursuit).